Alec Laird is synonymous with horse racing, coming from generations of family with more than a century in the racing industry. He started his tutelage under his father Syd Laird, master horseman and legend of his era, Syd guided Alec in the art of true horsemanship.


Alec went on to win all the major feature races in South Africa such as the Durban July, The Met and The Summer Cup.


In 1997 Alec did the unthinkable at the time, he decided to take his already very successful London News to Hong Kong to run in the Queen Elizabeth II Cup which he won, not only did he win but he broke the course record. 


In doing this, he was a pioneer in paving the way for our present trainers to take horses to race in other parts of the world.


Alec always has the horses interest at heart above all else and is a hands on trainer with a keen eye for talent.


Hamish Niven