Alec Laird is based at Randjiesfontein with the majority of his horses. He travels for the Durban and Cape Town season with horses to race in the other centres


Training and keeping horses in top condition takes top staff and that is something that Alec Laird has. The team has been with Alec for many years and know how he likes his horses cared for. From the grooms to the work riders the yard runs like a well oiled machine.


At Randjies training centre there are four different types of surfaces available; Beach, Red, Poly and Grass. Each track compromises of its own benefits and uses within particular training regimes that are specific horse dependent. 


Alec's horses get the best care, from physiotherapy to veterinary care and all the basics inbetween. The horses are treated like the athletes that they are.




Many know Alec as a true horseman. From the basics to the complex, he knows each and every one of his horses from the hoof to the head. Should any horse need any attention that ranges out of the scope of the programme he is always available to dedicate his individual time an effort in getting the horse back on track.