Debbie Le Roux

Moffat Mngeni

Debbie le Roux has worked with some of the top racing yards in the country. Debbie started riding at the age of ten and has been involved with horses ever since. She worked as a veterinary assistant in the SADF for three years before starting work in the racing industry. Debbie's knowledge and experience makes her an invaluable asset to the Alec Laird racing team. Debbie is also a champion breeder of cats. 

Moffat is an integral part of the team with his international experience,he has grown into a top assistant with attention to detail and care for his horses.

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Mbulelo Geledu

Mbulelo has been with Alec Laird for over twenty years, he is a valued member of the staff as he oversees the backing of the yearlings and managing of all staff. He is incredibly patient and caring with his young horses.